2021 Texas Open English Style Pickleball Tournament

Welcome to the 2021 Texas Open English Style
Pickleball Tournament
Information Centre

Thank you so much for choosing to attend the inaugural Texas Open English Style pickleball tournament. With covid still a fact of life, we appreciate you agreeing to comply with our covid mitigation plan to keep everyone safe and healthy. Link to Covid Mitigation Plan.

We have over 132 players attending over the course of the weekend. If this is your first tournament - welcome !you are one of those players – welcome !
We are confident that those that have been to tournaments before will help show you the ropes and ensure that you have a great time. Just enjoy yourselves, don't get too stressed about this being a competition. Think of it as an opportunity to assess yourself against other players and to make new friends.

This tournament has been a year in the making – it was due to be played last year but covid prevented us. This year, we hope that everything goes according to plan and that you all have lots of fun games, meet some interesting people and we all share some pickleball love!

If we are unlucky and we have last minute withdrawals because players have been pinged, we will do our best to navigate through that but would appreciate your patience and understanding that this is all out of our hands.

Karen, Sam & Chris
2021 Texas Open English Style Pickleball Tournament Committee

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