2023 English Open Pickleball Tournament

2023 English Open Pickleball Tournament
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Thank you so much for choosing to attend the 2023 English OPEN pickleball tournament.

We have over 1050 players from 35 countries attending over the course of the weekend so we are anticipating an exciting atmosphere where new pickleball friends are made.
We are confident that those that have been to tournaments before will help show those new to tournaments the ropes and ensure that you have a great time. Just enjoy yourselves, don't get too stressed about this being a competition. Think of it as an opportunity to assess yourselves against other players and to make new friends.

As this is our first time at Telford International Centre, the preparation for this event has been massive. We will have up to 40 courts to cater for the 115% increase in players (2022 we had 492 from 24 countries). We are obviously going to have to squeeze in many more games over the weekend, so event start times will be staggered. Players will have their personal schedule emailed to them ahead of the competition and we will have the famous scrolling screens in public places to check your knockout match timings. We trust that everything will go according to plan and that you all have lots of fun games, meet some interesting people and we all share some pickleball love!

If we are unlucky and we have last minute withdrawals because players are sick or injured, we will do our best to navigate through that but would appreciate your patience and understanding that this is all out of our hands.

Karen, Frank & Chris
2023 English Open Tournament Committee

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