The Pros (in alphabetical order)

Susanna Barr

Andrei Daescu

Ryler DeHeart

Megan Fudge

Rob Nunnery

Lee Whitwell


We are offering the opportunity for you to play the best of 3 games with a Pro Player.  Either Men’s Doubles, Women’s Doubles or Mixed Doubles.  The twist is that the Pros will play the same number of games and there will be a standings table to see who comes out on top of the pro players!

To be eligible for this event you will need to commit to be at the venue on Thursday 3rd August and register here.  We will balance the games up, so if for example a 3.5 player wants to play they will be opposite another 3.5 player and there will be a pro either side. This is to ensure that all the games are as equal as possible. SIGN UP FOR THE EVENT AND WE WILL MATCH PLAYERS VIA A DRAW ON THURSDAY 3rd August.

There is a cost of £50 to be part of this event.  You will be photographed playing with your pro.

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