Are you free on the weekend of 16th and 17th October?  

We have secured the 8 court England Badminton Centre, Milton Keynes from 8am Saturday and must be out no later than 3pm on Sunday.  As it is impossible to do a full event between 9am and 2pm we have decided to do all the round robin stages for the events on the Saturday and have the elimination rounds on Sunday.  Our outline plan below is subject to change depending on registration numbers.  We will attempt to stagger start times so that players can check in 45 minutes before their event starts.  

Event Format

We will have round robin group stages followed by single elimination knockout stages.
We want the competition to be:
Fair  (we have structured the competition with a 19+ and 50+ age break for the 4.0+ event and a 19+ and 60+ age break 3.5- event (reflecting the different proportional age splits at skill level)
Fun (getting to play competitively  with players who all want to be there for fun should equal fun!)
Transparent (clear rules; accessibility to the results and league tables)

Finally, we want to raise some funds for pickleballEngland to help grow pickleball.  

How it works

We have 4 events for Men's Doubles, 4 events for Women's Doubles and 4 events for Mixed Doubles.  Age/Skill for all events: 4.0+ 19+ and 4.0+ 50+  3.5- 19+ and 3.5- 60+

Why is 3.5- 60+ and the 4.0+ 50+?   We have looked at the number of players at different age breaks and felt that for 3.5- 60+ is a more reflective age split when we can only have 2 events at each skill level.

Players sign up and pay for each event they enter.  

Round Robin groups will be made up of between 4 -7 teams.  You play everyone in your group.  Top 2 or 4 will go through to knockout depending on event size. 

Texas Open medals will be awarded for GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE positions.


On registering, you will be sent a confirmation email confirming your entries as well as a special link back to the registration website (if it doesn't come through please check all junk folders before sending through an enquiry to let us know). This will take you to a players needing partners page where you must confirm your registered partners by sending a partner confirmation email. This means both you and your partner must be registered and then confirm your partnership to guarantee your entry as a doubles team into the event. If you have agreed a partnership in advance, you should follow the link in the email and click on the "Send Partner Request" icon next to the name of your proposed partner. They will receive an email asking them to confirm that they agree, and will be given the option to confirm yes/no. This automatically updates our system either way. In the event you don't have a partner and need to find one, you can use the "Contact" icon next to a player's name to start a conversation with them via email about potentially partnering up. If you have any queries or concerns then please don't hesitate to send through an enquiry and we will do our best to get back to you ASAP!

Terms & Conditions: 

1. The tournament is open to PickleballEngland members.  Members book & pay for the events entered online using this registration system.  No email bookings will be accepted.

2. A player can play down in age or up in rating if playing with a partner that is younger or higher rated.

3. Players agree to follow PickleballEngland Code of Conduct.

4. Players agree to stay away if they feel sick and advise the organisers via  

5. So that we can meet our covid mitigation plan, you will need to check in every day you attend the tournament

6. Games will start promptly at 9am every day.  Please check your schedule to see what time your first game is and arrive at least 45 minutes before your first game is due to be played.

7. All players will be sent a personal match schedule via email on Wednesday October 13th. The schedule will also be available online (see menu at top of this page).

8. Anti-bacterial gel will be available but players are encouraged to bring their own and to use frequently.

9. At the time of writing we don't know whether there will be catering facilities available on the premises.  When the information is available we will advise.  

10. In the event of any dispute within a game, the game should be halted and the Tournament Director found to address the dispute.

11. The decision of the Tournament Director is final. Any player not accepting the decision will be withdrawn from the event.


Player Code of Conduct: 

•Paddle tap and thank your opponents for the game.

•Give your opponent time to get into position before you serve.

•The server should clearly announce the score before they serve.

•If the opponent claims there was a major distraction while hitting a shot (e.g. ball bouncing onto the court), don't hesitate to replay the point.

•Please do not walk behind a court whilst a rally is in progress.

•Please only call a ball out if it clearly is, if in doubt the ball is in!

•Players are responsible for identifying foot faults.  Be the kind of player that identifies their own foot faults!

•Please refrain from swearing whilst on court.

•Please do not throw your paddle.

•Treat everyone with kindness.

•We will not tolerate bullying, verbal abuse or shouting.


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